Estate Planning & Administration

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We routinely advise our Wilmington and North Carolina clients regarding various estate planning strategies that may benefit them. We draft wills, trust agreements, and other documents to make sure our clients’ wishes and preferences are clearly expressed and successfully implemented.

Carter & Carter represents clients who are serving as the personal representative of a decedent, whether as executor, executrix, administrator or administratrix. We are well-acquainted with the several different statutory processes for estate administration, and therefore we are able to clearly explain a client’s different choices as well as the probable benefits and risks associated with each path. Our experience with debtor-creditor law enables us to make sure that invalid claims against the estate are rejected, which maximizes the assets available for distribution to beneficiaries.


Attorney Oliver Carter became familiar with guardianship proceedings when he served as a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem in New Hanover County during 2009 and 2010. His familiarity enables him to guide clients through the process of petitioning for a guardian to be appointed. As a part of his representation, he is accustomed to the delicate and intimate role that family members and close friends play in the guardianship proceedings.


Carter & Carter drafts Trust Agreements for clients and also interprets existing Trust Agreements, including some that were drafted decades ago. In addition, Carter & Carter has experience dealing with parol (non-written) trust situations, including resulting trusts and constructive trusts that arise under very special circumstances.

We encourage you to arrange a consultation with our attorneys regarding your estate planning needs. Please email or call our office today: (910) 763-3626