Real Estate Title Dispute Attorneys

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Real estate title disputes may arise from property boundary line discrepancies, easements, land use, competing deeds, covenants, leaseholds, or joint tenancy. Property buyers or owners may discover title defects during a real estate transaction or even after the completed transaction. Carter & Carter provides legal representation in title disputes to help resolve the situation and best protect the real estate investment.

Although Carter & Carter handles real estate closings only under special circumstances, primarily for pre-existing clients or in connection with ongoing asset administration, we regularly represent parties who have a dispute over title to real property.

In some cases these disputes can be easily resolved. In other instances the defect is of longstanding origin or it may be highly contested. On many occasions, disputes involve the priority of a lien on real property.

We assure that the status of the title is thoroughly investigated and that the vast body of North Carolina statutory and case law regarding title to real property (including secured transactions and lien law) is distilled for the client so that he or she may more easily digest the issues involved.

The title dispute attorneys at Carter & Carter file reformation actions when necessary and litigate issues of priority in state and federal bankruptcy court.

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